chakli recipe
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Chakli recipe, How to make instant chakli

Chakli is a spicy and crunchy fried snack made with rice flour and besan. This is an instant and easy recipe as it involves no grinding and roasting. Chakli is usually prepared as evening snacks or during festivals like diwali. Proper measurements, few key points and little patience when shaping […]

Rava sweet paniyaram
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Rava sweet paniyaram, Rava sweet appam recipe

Rava sweet paniyaram is an instant, easy and very handy recipe when you have overripe banana at home. Rava sweet paniyaram is prepared with  rava/sooji, banana, maida acting as key ingredients and is cooked with ghee which enhances the taste of this dish. Rava sweet paniyaram can be made as […]

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Karasev recipe, How to make Karasev

Karasev is a spicy fried snack accompanied with evening tea or usually prepared during festivals like diwali. Karasev is made with besan, rice flour and crushed black pepper plays key role in bringing out the taste and flavors to this dish. Karasev is very easy to make as it is […]

Kara boondi
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Kara boondi recipe, How to make Kara boondi

Kara boondi is a spicy, crunchy and yummy fried snack made during festivals like diwali or even served as tea time snack. Kara boondi is prepared with besan/ gram flour acting as key ingredient and adding chilli powder, peanuts, cashews and curry leaves for enhanced taste. I usually make kara […]

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Ompodi, Omapodi recipe, Plain sev

Ompodi / Omapodi/ Plain sev is a crunchy fried snack made with gram flour, rice flour and ajwain. Ompodi is served as tea time snack or made during festivals like diwali. Ompodi is very easy to make and has only handful ingredients in its making. Ompodi is my hubby’s all […]

Sweet kaja
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Sweet kaja, Madatha kaja recipe, Teepi Kajalu

Sweet kaja/ Madatha kaja is a toothsome layered sweet recipe famous in Andhra Pradesh. Sweet kaja is prepared with maida dough, which is shaped and fried, then dipped in sugar syrup before serving. This is my mom’s recipe and she used to make it for snacks, and there used to […]

sweet corn sundal
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Sweet corn sundal, Sundal recipes

Sweet corn sundal is a easy, healthy and yummy recipe prepared with basic ingredients. I came to know about this sundal from my mom, since then I have been making it at home during navratri. This sundal can be served as evening snacks as well, if you are looking for […]

pizza rolls
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Pizza rolls recipe, How to make Pizza rolls

Pizza rolls are easy and fun to make snacks where pizza is served in tiny bites. Pizza rolls are prepared with pizza dough stuffed with veggies, cheese and paneer then baked to perfection. Pizza rolls will be adored by both adults and kids. I usually make these pizza rolls when […]

corn vada
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Corn vada recipe, How to make corn fritters

Corn vada or corn fritters with crispy exterior and soft interior is an instant, healthy and easy snacks made in just 10 minutes. Corn vada is prepared by combing ground corn and bread, which is then shaped and fried in oil. This is a very handy recipe when you have […]

Eggplant bajji
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Eggplant bajji recipe, How to make eggplant bajji

Eggplant bajji is fried snack prepared by dipping thin slices of eggplant in besan batter and fried in oil. Eggplant bajji is a healthy, yummy and easy to make recipe. This bajji has always been my favorite bajji since childhood as I have always seen my mom prepare bajji often […]