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broccoli peas pulao
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Broccoli peas pulao recipe, Broccoli rice, How to make Broccoli pulao

Broccoli peas pulao/ Broccoli rice is a very interesting rice recipe with different combo of veggies prepared in a easy method with all those basic ingredients that a pulao demands. Broccoli pulao is a delicious rice with crunchiness from broccoli and green peas with flavors of mint and whole spices […]

orange pilaf
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Orange pulao recipe, Orange pulav, Orange Pilaf recipe

Orange Pulao might sound unique, was it named due to the pulao color? Not at all! Orange pulao/ Orange pulav is a very flavorful and delicious pulao prepared by cooking seasoned rice in FRESH ORANGE JUICE! Yes it is! Orange pulao might sound gross for a second but you will […]

Methi pulao
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Methi pulao recipe, Methi pulav (with video)

Methi pulao/ Methi pulav is one such wholesome and healthy recipe packed with flavors and taste that can be easily made in very less time with just few ingredients. This pulao can be accompanied with any spicy curry as gravy as this recipe uses just green chilli for spiciness but […]

Sprouted moong pulao
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Sprouted moong pulao recipe, Green moong pulao

Sprouted moong pulao is a yummy and flavorful pulao packed with health and taste is one such easy recipe that can be prepared quickly in no time if you have sprouted moong ready at home. Sprouted moong pulao demands very few ingredients in its making just as any other regular […]

Peas masala pulao
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Peas masala pulao recipe, Spicy peas pulao

Peas masala pulao is a spicy, yummy and flavorful pulao where rice is cooked in masala peas milk mixture. This is such an easy and simple to make pulao which becomes very handy on a busy day and works great as lunchbox recipe too. For the below recipe I have […]

tawa pulao
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Tawa pulao recipe, How to make tawa pulao

Tawa pulao is a rice dish prepared by tossing cooked rice in spicy veggie mixture. This yummy tasting spicy pulao loaded with veggies and flavors can be prepared with fresh or leftover rice. I must thank my friend as I got to know about this tawa pulao from my her […]

veg pulao
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Veg pulao recipe, Mixed vegetable pulav, How to make veg pulao

Vegetable pulao is a delicious and healthy recipe where rice is cooked with vegetable and spices. Vegetable pulao is very easy to prepare and does not require any side accompany as it tastes best like that. This is again one of my favorite rice recipes and something that I often […]

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Peas pulao recipe, Mattar pulao, How to make green peas pulao

A very easy and yummy rice pulao with flavors of spices and peas when dipped in mint raita can make anyone meet extreme heights of deliciousness. This pulao can be prepared quickly and i prefer to do it at least once a month only on Fridays as it is my […]