Aloo paratha, Masala chai, Indian breakfast menu #4

From the title its easy to know what the breakfast menu shall be in today’s post. Its one such all time favorite and easy to make breakfast that can be eaten all round the year but my favorite time is in the winter, yes paratha with masala chai perfect combo made in heaven. Though I am not a tea lover only for this reason would love to take few sips. I think most of us know about the combo and making too but still this post is just to remind that yummy breakfast for all people out there. You can find the link for all the recipes in the menu down below:

Aloo paratha, Masala chai, Indian breakfast
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  • I first boiled aloo/ potato for filling, meanwhile made dough and boiled milk for tea and kept it ready.
  • During the dough rest time I made the filling ready, a simple filling that suits breakfast on a working day. You can improvise that filling by sauteing onions in tawa, then add mashed potato and dry powder. when combined put off the flame and keep the filling aside to cool down and then start making paratha)
  • So I made this paratha by stuffing the filling if you are beginner you try rolling dough in the shape of chapati first , then spread the filling and place another chapati size rolled dough over the filling like sandwich and give it a gentle roll making it a single paratha. This way the stuffing/filling remains inside neatly.
  • Finally after making paratha made hot chai/tea  just before serving it with homemade curd and mango pickle. (All the steps are just guidelines and is not necessary to be followed, just sharing my experience with preparation)[sam id=”2″ codes=”true”]


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