Oats dosa

Instant Oats dosa recipe, How to make oats dosa

Oats dosa is an instant, easy and healthy recipe where batter is prepared with powdered oats, maida, rice flour and rava. This recipe yields soft dosa and can be prepared on a busy morning or when you are out of regular dosa batter. Oats dosa tastes best with chutney and sambar. So lets get to the making!

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  • Oats – 1 cup
  • Rice flour – ½ cup
  • Maida – 1 tbsp
  • Rava – ¼ cup
  • Curd – ¼ cup
  • Salt – to taste
  • Water
  • Oil ( for making dosa)

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Oats dosa

How to make oats dosa with step by step images

Oats dosa

  1. Heat a pan and dry roast oats in it. Make sure not to brown it. Keep it aside and allow it to cool down. Now add the roasted oats in blender and grind it into fine powder.
    Oats dosa
  2. Now in a bowl add oats powder, rava, rice flour, maida, salt and curd. Mix everything well.
    Oats dosa
  3. Now add water to it gradually and make a batter similar to regular dosa. (I used 1 ¼ cup water).
    Oats dosa
  4. Now heat a tava and pour a ladleful batter and spread it like regular dosa. Drizzle some oil around it. When one side is done flip it carefully and cook the other side. When done transfer it to a plate and serve it hot with chutney and sambar.


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